Christine Ford's Legal Team Debunks the Myth of Kavanaugh's July 1 Party

For a few days earlier in the week, after Brett Kavanaugh released his high school calendars, there was a Pizzagate-type discussion that pinned the date of the mysterious party that Christine Ford attended, that one that took place on an unknown date in an unknown year at an unknown location but ruined her life, to July 1.

This goes on and on, but you get the drift.

What is extraordinary about this is that the guy leading the charge was a Washington Post reporter, Philip Bump:

During her testimony, Ford made clear that the event at which she says she was assaulted was a casual get-together before the others (who were older than her and had a later curfew) went to other, bigger parties. Kavanaugh says that the gathering at Timmy’s on July 1 was essentially that.

We noted Thursday, too, that the time frame of this July 1 party fits with Ford’s testimony. [My emphasis] She says that six to eight weeks after the alleged assault, she saw Judge working at a store in the area. Judge’s book indicates that he was working at that store for several weeks in early to mid-August.

Now Christine Ford’s legal team is making it clear that she still doesn’t know when or where the party happened but it definitely was not on July 1.

Christine Blasey Ford would have ruled out a key date that both Republicans and Democrats have examined in evaluating her sexual assault claim against Brett Kavanaugh, had the FBI contacted her for its inquiry, according to a member of her team.

But a member of Ford’s team said the California-based professor — who was not interviewed by the FBI for its inquiry — “would have told them that she never considered July 1 as a possible date, because of some of the people listed on his calendar who she knew well and would have remembered.”

“She would have also told the FBI that it was just a regular summer night for everyone else who was there,” the member of Ford’s team added. “There would have been no reason for them to remember it.”

This denial is about as credible and substantial as any other part of Christine Ford’s story. Which is to say that it isn’t. But that caveat only applies if you’ve actually paid attention to the improbable tale that she told. If you were invested in #BelieveWomen, then you were inevitably going to get sucked into playing Inspector Clouseau or being a propagandist for an improbable story, like Bump. Will Ford throwing these assclowns under the bus make any difference to them? No. Of course not. They don’t have the integrity or brains to admit that they’ve been played. And they’ll be waiting in the wings to have their reputation shat upon by the next victim the Democrat party trots out to oppose a Supreme Court nominee.

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