Texas Christian University's Administration Wets Itself Over Steven Crowder's Visit

screengrab from https://youtu.be/H6dv6G1FWxk

screengrab from https://youtu.be/H6dv6G1FWxk


Even though I follow him on Twitter, because he’s usually funny, I really to follow Steven Crowder, of “Lowder with Crowder” fame because if you are a political pundit and aren’t funny, I don’t follow you. There are enough censorious totalitarians out there telling me what I can and can’t believe as it is without having to interact with more of them voluntarily. Anyway, Crowder has a “Change My Mind” schtick where he goes to a hostile environment…like your typical college campus…and asks a question that challenges a prevailing liberal shibboleth. My colleague, Brandon Morse, has the story of him treating the “Rape Culture” mantra like a chew toy.


The venue for this exercise in futility was Texas Christian University and it generated a lot of the expected responses from students and others:


Good stuff. Whenever you can discomfit one of these anti-American weasels, it is time well spent.

The most amazing part, though, is the reaction of the university administration.


And nothing says academic and social development like banning people with whom you disagree from the campus and criticizing them for exercising their God-given and First Amendment-acknowledged right to speak to your students.

But this has to take the cake:

The university is actually providing counseling for people who were traumatized by having their ass handed to them in a debate they voluntarily chose to enter into.

This entire episode marks a deep sickness within academia. Though the educrats constantly woof about teaching “critical thinking,” in fact our children are taught, for the most part, by a kakistocracy that is focused on indoctrinating their charges. The “Rape Culture” idea is hogwash. It was invented by radical feminists to essentially criminalize males. And it exists as a form of bullying because you are not allowed to challenge the idea without fear of academic sanctions and social ostracism.


Crowder did TCU a service, for free, that its faculty are being paid to deliver. If college students are to become productive citizens in a pluralistic society that values free speech and liberty, they have to learn how to deal with viewpoints they oppose in a way that does not produce violence. And students who can’t handle the discussion don’t need counseling, they need to be given their pacifier and sent the hell home.


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