It Looks Like Maxine Waters's Staff Doxxed Several GOP Senators During the Kavanaugh Hearing

While the drama surrounding the hearing on the “allegation” by Christine Ford was going on a different drama was playing out on Wikipedia. Someone, or some group of people, was editing the biographies of Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee making public their private phone numbers and their home addresses.


Personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch were posted by an unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday during the hearing of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The information, which supposedly included home addresses and phone numbers, was posted – or doxxed – on the senators’ respective Wikipedia pages, where users are allowed to update the information at any time. The information has since been removed.


Does this mean that Waters’s staff tried to expose sensitive personal information about three Republican Senators? I am not conversant with how the IT system in the House of Representatives is configured. I know that the IP range – is assigned to the House of Representatives. People who claim to be experts say that the odds that this woman did it are low but the common IP address indicates it is in a block of IP addresses assigned to Waters’s office.

Waters, of course, denies it. But the denial so histrionic that it reeks guilt. No one but a guilty person gets upset when they are falsely accused, amirite?

She also provides no evidence beyond her statement that her office wasn’t involved which is precisely what we’d expect from a guilty person. Note she also didn’t ask for an FBI investigation into what is a federal crime. In short, as we all know, these factors mean that she’s as guilty as hell.


Regardless, it shows with specificity that someone in the House was trying to make personal information on three US Senators very public for what can only be retaliation in how Ford’s hearing was going. One would think that with a time hack and IP, the office using that IP could be identified. Assuming anyone is interested in finding out.



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