Attorneys for Kavanaugh Accuser Still Aren't Happy About the Ground Rules

After shaking the soft, stinky material from their trousers, the attorneys of the California woman who claims against all evidence that she was groped by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh some 37 years ago is back to corresponding with the Senate Judiciary Committee via press release.


From this, it seems pretty clear that the real objective of the hearing is not to save Ford from committing perjury but to create B-roll for campaign ads by Democrat candidates. The key item in this is:

…various senators have been dismissive of her account and they should have to shoulder their responsibility to ask her questions.

This is what I suspect was the real objective all along. They MIGHT be able to stop Kavanaugh but they WOULD use the questioning by GOP senators for campaign ads.

I’m still not convinced that another spurious and specious allegation won’t be launched against Kavanaugh but if this statement reflects the state of play, all the air is gone from this particular balloon.

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