Karma. The Noxious Lefty Who Harrassed DHS Secretary Nielsen May Have Confessed to a Felony

screengrab from https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1042414647381569537

screengrab from https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1042414647381569537


I am an on and off fan of James 0’Keefe and his Project Veritas. There is no doubt that he did the nation a great service by knocking ACORN’s d*** in the dirt. And this video clip alone makes the whole investigation worthwhile:


But he’s had a lot of stuff that was just not good. This week he’s back in action with a “deep state” expose which, if not strategically significant, at least holds forth the possibility of putting some of the young Marxists who’ve burrowed themselves into the Civil Service out of work and putting the fear of God into a lot more.

Yesterday, my colleague Jennifer Van Laar covered the first video release. It featured a contracting officer in the State Department named Stuart Karaffa.

Most of what he talks about is low-level stuff that might generate a written reprimand. But there is this critical part: Karaffa is probably in violation of the Hatch Act. We can’t tell definitively from the video but there are clear implications that he is using government time and resources to further partisan, that is, the Democratic Socialists of America, objectives. Violating the Hatch Act is a significant event if you are caught. (See this backgrounder.) And the State Department has confirmed they are taking the issue seriously.

The next video has two parts. One section is sort of “meh.” A woman named Jessica Schubel, who used to work at HHS, says that she has friends who send her internal documents about upcoming HHS actions so she can prepare counters to these actions before they are announced. True. This happens. If someone is caught passing her the info, they might get spanked but I wouldn’t count on it. The star of the show, though, is a DOJ paralegal name Allison Hrabar. If her name sounds familiar it is because she was part of the mob that chased DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from a Washingon, DC, restaurant.


She was investigated and because her activities didn’t happen on duty and she didn’t use her employment to further the demonstration, it was ruled that she hadn’t violated law or policy.

She may not be so lucky this time around as she seems to have committed felonies, plural, while on duty. This is something that even the Civil Service frowns upon.

Also in the recording, Allison Hrabar admits that federal government employees are using their power to resist President Trump. She admits that, “…there’s a lot of talk about how we can like, resist from inside,” at the Department of Justice.

Hrabar tells Project Veritas about another federal worker, a fellow member of DSA, who works for the US Department of Agriculture, who is “…slowing what they do” in order help people stay on food stamps longer:

“We have a member who works for the people who distribute food stamps, and they can like take that away, and they’re slowing what they do… what they’re doing means that people are going to be able to stay on food stamps for another month or two, which is like really important.”

Hrabar herself appears to be using government-owned property to perform DSA activism. The video shows a meeting with Cliff Green, another DSA member, stating that Hrabar uses Lexis Nexis to find home addresses for DSA protests:

“So Allison is a paralegal, so she, her living is researching people, so she’s very good at researching people. So, they just find the companies, and then the people that run those companies, and then they find their home address. She uses Lexis Nexis and a couple other software things.”

Also in the report, Natarajan Subramanian – an auditor for the Government Accountability Office and fellow DSA member – explains to the Project Veritas undercover journalist that Hrabar uses her work computer to access Lexis Nexis: “I mean, she has used it, she uses it probably on her work computer.”

Subramanian explains that this sort of information needs to be kept secret:

“…that’s the kind of thing that you would get fired for…people do not have the silver bullet, the smoking gun or whatever. Um, if they were able to get proof of that, you know? So, we’re all walking that line.”


Using a subscription Lexis/Nexis account to do research for your political group is definitely out of bounds. The eye-popping item is the claim, I underscore claim, made that she uses government resources to run license plates.

screengrab from https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1042414647381569537


The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act makes running someone’s license plates for a non-law enforcement reason a federal crime.

Again, you don’t know conclusively here if she’s telling the truth or talking #Resistance smack. I really hope Jeff Sessions can break away from his Geritol and Metamucil long enough to have some look into this.


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