BREAKING. Jeff Flake Calls For Delay in Kavanaugh Confirmation. Can the Rest of the Vichy Republicans Be Far Behind?

You didn’t have to be particularly astute to see this happening. Jeff Flake, the lamest of lame-duck senators, has just declared that the Senate Judiciary Committee should not vote on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court justice until the Democrat smear against him has had maximum exposure.

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court hit a serious roadblock Sunday night, as GOP Senate Judiciary Committee member Jeff Flake said he is uncomfortable voting to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination later this week after the nominee’s sexual assault accuser went public.

The Arizona senator said he needs to hear more about the allegations raised publicly by Christine Blasey Ford on Sunday in a Washington Post article, and said other Republicans share his view. Flake is one of 11 Republicans on the narrowly divided panel and without his support, the committee cannot advance his nomination. However, GOP leaders could try to bring Kavanaugh‘s nomination directly to the Senate floor.

“If they push forward without any attempt with hearing what she’s had to say, I’m not comfortable voting yes,” Flake said. “We need to hear from her. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.”

There is exactly one reason why Flake is doing this. Kavanaugh is President Trump’s nominee. If he can bleed Kavanaugh a bit, then he gets to giggle a little more about sticking it to Trump. Flake doesn’t really care that a man’s reputation is being gratuitously besmirched. He doesn’t care that he’s helping create a precedent that virtually guarantees every male GOP nominee to SCOTUS faces the same kind of last minute bullsh** charges. Flake is simply out to even scores with Trump and he has no f***s left to give about who gets hurt in the process.

Chuck Grassley has said the vote will go ahead on schedule. Losing Flake’s vote in committee is pretty meaningless as it will result in a tie vote and the nomination will proceed to the floor. But it is a warning sign that the rest of the Vichy caucus might band together to derail the nomination.

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