Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Aide Proves That to the Left We Are All Alt-Right Members

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As much as progressives like to criticize Alex Jones for his penchant of peddling conspiracy theories, most of the left is very little different from the nutters who look to InfoWars for their intellectual content.

Yesterday, at Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, a staffer seated in the first row directly behind Kavanaugh drew a lot of attention. You can see her here over Kavanaugh’s left shoulder.

These are key facts about Bash:

In July 2017, Bash was put on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list [FACT CHECK: likely true]. Bash is identified as a Republican from McAllen, Texas, who is married. She has a daughter named Maria Izabella, who goes by Mabel. Bash’s husband is, John Bash III, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. The couple attended Harvard together. In their 2007 New York Times’ wedding announcement, the newspaper wrote Bash was set to become a “law clerk this month for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.” John Bash was at the time about to begin working as a clerk to then-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The profile of Bash in The Hill lists her job as working on the Domestic Policy Council. A year later, Bash was named as the senior counsel to Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. The press release announcing her appointment referred to her job in the White House as “Special Assistant to the President for regulatory reform, legal and immigration policy.”

Bash’s father is Dr. Lawrence Richard Gelman, a “distinguished physician” in the Rio Grande Valley, so says a feature in Empower Texans. That feature says that Dr. Gelman “is a second-generation Polish-American Jew whose parents barely escaped the Holocaust and found solace in America.” Dr. Gelman met his wife, Maria Esperanza, in Monterrey, Mexico, and the couple was married in 1979.

She was getting her share of hate from the left from the beginning:

In short, they were basically the kind of cheap shots any accomplished conservative woman can expect from the left.

Then insanity hit.

The “white power” sign is in the position of Bash’s fingers on her arm.

There are a lot of problems with this bullsh**. The Anti-Defamation League says the “ok” sign is not a hate symbol. By the way, I’m really glad we have unelected groups of busybodies to let us know what symbols and expressions are forbidden. I don’t know how the Republic survived without these scolds. Bash’s heritage would also indicate that she’s an unlikely candidate for the alt-right. She was born in Mexico. Her mother is Mexican. Her father is a Polish Jew. She has undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard. Even if she did have those beliefs, her career success indicates that she’s not going to make a gratuitous sign like that on national television while she’s the official sherpa for Kavanaugh during his confirmation.

And when you’re sliming a Republican woman and even Tater says you’ve gone too far, you need to reconsider what you’re doing:

And, when all was said and done, the net accomplishment was that the Democrat message on Kavanaugh had been trampled.

This is just more of the dishonest stuff we’ve come to rely upon the left to produce. But never fear. Any moment, the Vichy wing of the GOP is going to be hectoring us to disavow the alt-right because we are somehow responsible for this being an issue.

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