#MeToo Harpies Are Silent As Democrats Close Ranks Behind Domestic Abuser Keith Ellison

Just two weeks ago, Minnesota Democrats were rocked by the news that the guy they’d nominated to the their standard-bearer in the race for state attorney general, former Congressman, Louis Farrakhan acolyte and terrorist sympathizer Keith Ellison, had been credibly accused, by two different women, of domestic violence. One instance resulted in a police report. The DNC promised a full investigation, but, so far, nothing:


The DNC announced Aug. 14 that it was “reviewing” the allegations against Ellison.

All domestic abuse allegations, the DNC said at the time, are “disturbing” and “should be taken seriously.”

That statement, a two-sentence missive to NPR, broke a 72-hour DNC silence on the Ellison allegations from the time they first surfaced.

The next day, Aug. 15, DNC chair Tom Perez seemed sure the Ellison allegations won’t hurt Democrats in November but insisted the DNC is “absolutely taking a careful look” at them.

Nine days after the DNC first said it was “reviewing” the Ellison allegations, Aug. 23, Perez still lacked specific details about the investigation into his deputy chair.

He insisted to CBS News that the DNC takes domestic abuse allegations “very, very seriously,” adding: “that’s why the matter is under review.”

When asked about the DNC’s internal discussions on Ellison, Perez again stated that the “matter was under review,” but this time deferred to the state-level party’s investigation, instead of the DNC’s own probe.

Perez said the party’s Minnesota affiliate, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party, “is conducting a very thorough investigation and a very prompt investigation and I’m very confident that review will be completed in the near future.”


The whole #MeToo movement is totally absent because weighing in on this would cost the Democrats a seat and no matter what that group started out as, it has now become just another Democrat front group.

The New York Times is running interference:

Imagine the NYT parsing conduct like Ellison’s were he a Republican. That’s laughable.

And the rest of the media is following suit:

The “hacked” explanation reeks of bullsh** but it is much more likely that she has been threatened by Ellison on MN DEM operatives than she and her son totally fabricated the claim. In the past, when dealing with Republicans, the standard was always “believe women.” The proof against Ellison by far exceeds any of the scurrilous stories told about Roy Moore that all right thinking people were forced to believe.(As an aside, the misandry of the whole #MeToo hysteria just makes me want to gag. The idea that women are incapable of lying about something in order to gain advantage, settle a score, or promote themselves that permeates this whole argument should be offensive to any thinking person.)


Let’s face it. Nothing is going to happen to Keith Ellison. I made that prediction weeks ago:

Let’s be serious here.

Nothing is going to happen to Ellison for two reasons. First and foremost, Ellison is black and Muslim and identity politics drives the Democrat party. Not only is he a double minority, white guilt is going to keep the Democrat power structure from forcing him out of the race because that would mean they were racists for oppressing a black Muslim. Plus, the women involved don’t appear to be rich or prominent or highly educated and, as we learned from the Bill Clinton experience, to the Democrats those women are throwaways. Secondly, Democrats realize that elections are not about virtue signaling, they are about winning. If you don’t win, your virtue can just go screw itself. Al Franken was pushed out because his seat was safe and Doug Jones would not be a senator if Roy Moore’s old white butt had been a Democrat. That doesn’t make us better than them, it just makes us stupider than them. It means that when the whistle blows to start the football game, the GOP is guaranteed to be the team on the field wearing ice skates and tutus.

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