CNN: You Know, Trump Called Out Antifa Because They Are Mostly Black and He's a Racist

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On Monday, President Trump met with various evangelical leaders at the White House. During the course of his speech, President Trump predicted that the violent street gang that goes by the name “antifa” will cause violence in conjunction with the midterms:

If the GOP loses control of Congress, he warned, “they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently, and violently.” It’s unclear who specifically Trump was referring to.

“There’s violence. When you look at Antifa and you look at some of these groups — these are violent people,” he said.

Trump and other Republicans have frequently tried to connect liberals to the far-left group of anti-fascists known as Antifa, which has been responsible for violence and escalated tensions at various rallies around the country.

That might be a little overstated, but not by much. And you don’t have to “try” to connect liberals to the “antifa.” You have to be rather blind or disingenuous to not see the overlap between the leadership and support groups for the antifa and liberals and the Democrat party. It isn’t Republican mayors who give their police departments stand-down orders when confronting these thugs.

Naturally, Trump’s statement didn’t set well with the Resistance:

CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday appeared to defend Antifa Tuesday night, praising the group as “fighting racist fascists” while adding “no organization is perfect” in acknowledging the group’s violent past on his primetime program.

“It says it right in the name: Antifa. Anti-fascism, which is what they were there fighting,” Lemon said in reference to clashes between neo-Nazis and Antifa members in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017.

“Listen, no organization is perfect. There was some violence. No one condones violence, but there were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there,” Lemon continued. “One, racists, fascists, the other group, fighting racist fascists. There is a distinction there.”

But this is the most hilarious take:

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffery Toobin said Trump’s criticism of Antifa is an “appeal to racism” while stating the group “is widely perceived as an African-American organization.”

“Let’s be clear also about what’s going on here, the theme here is ‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people,’ ” Toobin, a staunch Trump critic, said in a panel discussion on Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room.”

“Antifa is widely perceived as an African-American organization and this is just part of the same story of LeBron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL players and the UCLA basketball players,” Toobin added.

Wait. Say what?

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