Will Cohen's Guilty Plea Torpedo Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination?

** FILE ** Brett Kavanaugh appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill April 26, 2004, on his nomination to be U. S. circuit judge for the District of Columbia Circuit. Kavanaugh’s nomination by President Bush to a federal appeals court judgeship is moving toward a vote in the Senate after being blocked for more than two years by Democrats. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook, File)


I admit it. The headline is a rhetorical question containing some of the most shameful clickbait posted on this site since late April. But now that you’re here…

In the immediate wake of President Trump’s former shyster, Michael Cohen, pleading guilty to violating campaign finance laws, Senate Democrats have hit upon a novel theory. Because Trump may have been involved in campaign finance violations, his election is illegitimate and therefore he’s not entitled to appoint a Supreme Court justice.

I just included Adam Schiff for sh**s and grins…

This argument is ludicrous. The idea that the $300K used to pay off Trump’s pair-a-paramours influenced the election is nothing short of bizarre. Some $2.4 billion was spent on the election. $300,000 is not even the rounding error in that calculation. I’m not entirely sure the act was a crime because right now the only evidence of it being a crime is Cohen pleading guilty to the allegation while trying to save his ass.


And while this revelation might have sent another candidate home in disgrace, I think the assumption of this possibility was already baked into Trump’s candidacy. I don’t think that anyone who voted for him would have said: “I can go along with the other stuff to stop Hillary but banging a porn star and Playmate Playmate is just more than I can handle.”

This is just political theatrics. The Senate Democrats know that several RedState Democrat senators are going to vote for Kavanaugh. They know Susan Collins has found her fig leaf and that Lisa Murkowski will probably join her. Rand Paul has already said his initial objections to Kavanaugh have been overcome. They also know that Grassley isn’t going to allow them to slow down the train. Faced with a solid bloc of 54-55 votes and a GOP leadership determined to put Kavanaugh on the bench, the progressive majority of the Democrats has to put on a show for the mouthbreathers in the cheap seats.

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