Elizabeth Warren Says Separating "Mamas and Babies" and Not Mollie Tibbetts' Murder Are the Real Problem

Screengrab from https://youtu.be/hJ0ORLU_Q3E

Screengrab from https://youtu.be/hJ0ORLU_Q3E


Yesterday, Iowa police announced they had arrested a suspect in the murder of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts. Ms. Tibbetts disappeared on July 20 while running near Brooklyn, Iowa. The suspect, 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera, has lived in the area for some years and is a farm worker. After being pulled in for questioning, Bahena Rivera led investigators to Ms. Tibbett’s body in a cornfield. The suspect is an illegal alien but with an unusual backstory that is sure to get attention during the coming weeks.


And from what I’ve read, Bahena Rivera is probably eligible for amnesty under the DREAMer program.

Earlier today, Massachusetts Senator, presumed 2020 presidential contender, and possessor of the highest cheekbones ever seen by man, Elizabeth Warren was holding an on-air pow-wow with CNN’s John Berman. At the end of her interview, Berman asks about Mollie Tibbetts. He gets a stunning answer:

BERMAN: I want to get one last question in here because it is a story, a very important story in the news, it has to do with Mollie Tibbetts, the young woman in Iowa who was murdered; her body believed to be found yesterday. A person has been charged with it, this person is an undocumented immigrant. Mike Pence and the President have suggested the immigration laws need to be stronger so that people like this man who was accused of this murder were not in the country. Your reaction?

WARREN: I’m so sorry for the family here and I know this is hard not only for the family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa. But one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective that focuses on where real problems are.

Last month I went down to the border and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers and I met with those mothers who had been lied to, who didn’t know where their children were, who hadn’t had a chance to talk to their children, and there was no plan for how they would be reunified with their children. I think we need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat. And I don’t think mamas and babies are the place that we should be spending our resources. Separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer.


Once you get past the cognitive dissonance of hearing Warren use the obviously focused tested phrase “mamas and babies” the nausea sets it.

If keeping out murderers is not a “real threat” then I think the words have ceased to have meaning. And telling a grieving family that their dead child is not a “real problem” is probably one of the most callous statements by any politician in modern history. Warren’s inability to treat the death of Mollie Tibbetts as anything but an inconvenient fact interrupting her narrative shows Warren to be just as cold and calculating and tone deaf as we thought she was.


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