A Desperate John Brennan Starts His Apology Tour

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Last week, President Trump set of a tempest in a toilet bowl when he revoked the security clearance of former CIA director, Democrat partisan, and Resistance icon John Brennan. This was long overdue. Brennan was monetizing his continued ability to receive classified information via his gig as a television talking head…trust me, he’s not there because the network wants him to talk about how things were done back in the day…and he was using his contacts inside the CIA and other federal agencies to get information with which to attack the Trump Administration.


One of his most outrageous public utterances took place on, naturally, Morning Joe back in July just after President Trump’s summit with Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin in Helsinki:

Via RealClearPolitics:

Former CIA director John Brennan said President Trump’s behavior at his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday was “nothing short of treasonous.” Brennan said Trump is “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” and warned that there will be “consequences” for him.

“When I use the term, this is ‘nothing short of treasonous,’ I equate it to the betrayal of one’s nation, aiding, abetting, giving comfort to an enemy,” Brennan said in an interview with NBC’s Today on Tuesday.

Brennan further explained the treason accusation on today’s MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“And that’s why I use the term that this was ‘nothing short of treasonous.’ Because it is betrayal of the nation. He’s giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It needs to stop. And Mr. Trump needs to understand there will be consequences for him too,” Brennan said.

“I hope those that voted for Mr. Trump in good conscience will see he’s leading us down a very dangerous path,” Brennan added.


This is some pretty extreme stuff that calls into question Brennan’s mental stability.

Now that he’s lost his clearance, Brennan seems to be on an apology tour walking back the bullsh** he’s slung about for months in an effort to show that he’s actually sane and rational. This was his first stop, it is hilarious. The scene is Rachel Maddow’s show from yesterday:

BRENNAN: …for the president of the United States to continue to prevaricate on this issue, I think, does a great injustice and disservice to the men and womn of the intelligence, law enforcement and does a great disservice to the citizens of the United States. And that’s why I said “it’s nothing short of treasonous.” I didn’t mean that he’d committed treason, but it was a term I used, “nothing short of treasonous.”

MADDOW: You didn’t mean that he’d committed treason, though?

BRENNAN: I said “nothing short of treasonous,” that’s the term that I used, yeah.

MADDOW: That’s it? If we diagram the sentence, “nothing short of treasonous” means its treason.

I expect this is an effort to try to generate pressure on Trump from inside the intelligence community to restore Brennan’s clearance so he can be available to give us advice on how to f*** up as if we needed help doing that. I also doubt that it will be successful, in fact, I’ll bet this clip is on a continuous loop in Trump’s bedroom.


This is the whole interview:

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