BREAKING. President Trump Says He Will Revoke Bruce Ohr's Security Clearance

Image by the George C Marshall Center via Flickr Creative Commons

The dominos are starting to tumble. Two days ago, President Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA director and Resistance warlord John Brennan. Today he went after the only major player in the scheme to peddle the Trump dossier who is still employed by the federal government as director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces.

Unlike Brennan, Ohr may have some real legal exposure in this fiasco. His wife, Nellie, is a Russia expert with some CIA ties, at least via contract work, who was employed by Fusion GPS to help with the Trump dossier. After Christopher Steele was “fired” by the FBI, he continued to meet with Ohr and pass along other material he was collecting. These activities, and others, revealed by released FBI and Justice notes and emails seem to indicate that both Ohr and Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson have lied out their asses on the subject. In particular, Ohr never revealed his wife’s work with Fusion GPS on financial disclosure documents and him pushing her handiwork to the FBI could very well be considered as him having a financial interest in the work he was doing.

If Ohr’s clearance is pulled he must be removed from his current position as it requires a security clearance. He won’t necessarily be fired but he will be out of work though he’ll have a priority for other federal jobs of the same type and grade. Who would be suicidal enough to actually hire him remains to be seen.