CNN's Jim Sciutto Has To Wear the Clown Nose For a Second Day As He Sells More #FakeNews

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When last we dropped in on former and current Obama mouthpiece and erstwhile “national security correspondent” for CNN Jim Sciutto, he was defending a CNN story that was alleging, against massive evidence to the contrary, that President Trump had labeled the terror attack in London yesterday a terror attack. London Police made the determination that it was a terror attack before 5 a.m. Eastern. Trump’s tweet was stamped at 7:42 Eastern. This was how The Federalist’s Sean Davis saw it:

And Sciutto hops in to defend the bedraggled honor of the Streetwalker Network…it needing to buy both apples and bananas and having no money.

Why missing a banana was more important than an empirical timeline, I don’t know.

Yesterday, President Trump treated former CIA Director John Brennan like a crappy YouTube channel and demonitized him. He revoked his security clearance which means that if any of his moles inside the CIA or other agencies tells him classified information to enhance his prestige as a network talking head, then they are both breaking the Espionage Act. The people he’d been leaking to, along with a platoon of Never Trump people on the right, were incensed…naturally. This is how Sciutto framed it:

There was actually no reason for this consultation to take place but the theme Sciutto was pushing was that this was a vindictive scheme carried out by one man, President Trump, without regard for the needs of government (L’etat? C’est moi, b**ches.)

More #Fakenews. From the nation’s most trusted name in #FakeNews.

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