Ted Cruz Shows Cenk Uygur That He Should Thank Heaven That Cruz Ignored His Debate Challenge

This is sort of a follow-up to a story my colleague, Alex Parker, posted yesterday.

The tale all starts with a half-wit, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, having a surprise win in the Democrat primary over machine pol, Joe Crowley, in New York’s 14th District. The victory was driven by two factors. Crowley assumed away his primary challenger and Ocasio-Cortez worked her butt off to turn out energized supporters. She was immediately declared Queen of the Resistance by the Internet and went on a victory media tour where she proceeded to beclown herself on nearly any subject you can imagine. When she was richly lampooned in an a parody video by Allie Beth Stuckey


the media swarmed to Ocasio-Cortez’s defense and labeled the parody as a “hoax.”

From there we went on to phase two. Ben Shapiro offered to donate $10,000 to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign if she’d debate him.

Ocasio-Cortez gave a response that was almost predictable in its banal service to rad-fem mores on campus:

That’s right, Ben Shapiro offering to debate this twit is not “treating her as an equal” but rather “catcalling.” This is sort of equivalent to the fashion among the Future Cat Lady SocietyTM of calling any comment by a man to a woman “mansplaining” and the general misandry one finds among a certain type of woman.

Then the rotund Cenk Uygur played the role of White Knight in the dispute, defending Ocasio-Cortez’s virtue while fluffing his own failing career…and maybe getting her to notice him:


Fact Check: No one who has ever heard Uygur thinks he is smart.

Then Ted Cruz showed why he could take on Uygur and Ocasio-Cortez in a debate and the moderator would have to invoke the mercy rule at about the ninety-second mark:

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