Leftwing Antifa Goons Thrash Police Officer In Charlottesville And Nothing Happens

A protester confronts riot gear-clad police on the campus of the University of Virginia during a rally to mark the anniversary of last year's Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

A protester confronts riot gear-clad police on the campus of the University of Virginia during a rally to mark the anniversary of last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


The anticipated riot in Charlottesville, VA, got off to an early start yesterday as masked and unmasked Bolsheviks marched chanting “Black lives matter” and other, more colorful, slogans. As both members of the alt-right failed to show, the antifa turned their attention to another target:

Confusion over an extraordinary police presence on the anniversary of a violent and deadly white nationalist rally turned into anger Saturday night as hundreds of black-clad protesters marched through the streets surrounding the University of Virginia here, screaming at police and calling for an end to white supremacy.

The protesters gathered around the historical Rotunda, where a year ago white supremacists had shouted anti-Semitic slogans and carried torches, and chanted slogans of their own — against the police, against white supremacy, and against the University of Virginia.

“Last year they came with torches,” said a large banner in front of a monument of Thomas Jefferson. “This year they come with badges.”

The mood in the crowd began to shift when, as speakers addressed a large crowd outside Brooks Hall, dozens of police officers clad in riot gear lined up along one side of the field. Many of the protesters called the police action a provocation — another symbol, they said, of the overpolicing of America — and started chanting at the officers, who were holding shields and wearing helmets.

“It’s really hard to defend our civil society when [police] do this,” said one protester, Tom Freeman. “They just marched down on us without any provocation. Nothing. It just fits everything they say about them, and I’m not even an anti-police person.”


There is exactly one reason why these douchenozzles are angry at a heavy police presence: they are there for violence and looting. Just like they are every time they show up.

When darkness fell, it got interesting.


Then there is this amazing scene.


At 0:25 the camera pans from the parade to a scuffle of some kind. Center of the screen you see someone on the ground being beaten by three or more antifa. At 0:32 you see the guy roll free and he’s obviously a police officer. At 0:34 two other officers come over to pull the downed officer free of the scrum. At 0:39 the officer is back on his feet and being taunted by one of the guys who was kicking his ass. What appears to be a supervisor appears on the scene and the downed officer is restrained from going back for seconds.


This calls to mind the some pattern of behavior that set off the rioting last year. When police are not allowed to take positive steps to curtail mob violence, it should come as no surprise that mob violence happens. Somehow I don’t think the spectacle of a police officer being beaten and no arrests being made is going to do a lot for police morale or their inclination to stop violence.

Let me stop here for a moment and differentiate myself from all too many people who are classed as conservatives. The Klan and the alt-right and the Nation of Islam have as much right to exercise free speech and to march and congregate free of violence as a 4-H Club or the Knights of Columbus. It is really just that easy. I don’t agree with the rhetoric one hears at these rallies but, to my view, it is literally indistinguishable from the language one finds in college classrooms or the editorial board of the New York Times directed against whites. Racism is pretty much racism. If you don’t agree with that proposition then you can just f*** right off as far as I’m concerned and don’t look for me to support your little jihad. Fear of the alt-right is some of the most craven, pathetic, artificially contrived, intellectually dishonest and chickensh** behavior I’ve seen by conservatives in my lifetime and that, my friends, covers a lot of waterfront.


You don’t have to have any sympathy with the alt-right people to recognize where the real danger of violence resides. It is with the black-masked antifa thuglets that Democrat politicians in California and Oregon…and Charlottesville…have coddled and nutured and protected. There are even those on the right who claim that wearing masks while beating people with bicycle locks is free speech and any effort to unmask them is creeping fascism.

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