Newseum Gift Shop Merchandise Draws Delightful Howls of Pain From the Media

From Newseuim store website. Uploaded 8/3/2018 by streiff

If you really want to see the liberal mob howl, just go into a place they think that is their private ghetto and have a little fun.

One of those places is the Newseum in Washington, DC. It is a onanistic monument to the role the news media thinks it plays in American society that, ironically, has the same financial stability and popularity as the media itself. As far as I can tell, it is kept afloat by field trips of school kids in the DC suburbs.


Naturally, it times of crisis, decisions can smack of desperation.

That’s right, the Newseum, the monument to the institutional press, is selling Fake News t-shirts and MAGA hats. Reactions are sadly predictable:

I actually think I see tears on this guy’s tweets.

Knickers Status: twisted, wadded, and filled with broken glass.

And the award lack of self-awareness:


This sort of shows what we always knew. Free speech means the media have free speech and no one else does.

I am sorely tempted to buy a Fake News t-shirt…though not so tempted as to give the Newseum my money. But the entertainment value they are providing is truly epic and serves as a public service announcement to America about what the media is really a concerned with: power.


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