NYT: Sure We Hired a Racist but White Men Made Her That Way

A little earlier today I posted on the New York Times hiring a person called Sarah Jeong to be a member of their editorial board. Jeong, to all appearances a dyed-in-the-wool SJW, has a Twitter timeline full of stuff that can only be called racist.


This was my prediction:

I suspect nothing is going to happen. It is hard to imagine the NYT firing an Asian woman for comments like this. In fact, they are probably shaking their heads with amazement that anyone thinks any of this is wrong. I mean if you can’t make fun of white people and basically brag about how you like making their lives difficult, why bother living, right?

Right on schedule:

See how simple that was. She was harassed by internet trolls who she assumed were white men. She retaliated with generic racial slurs unrelated to the harassment. So all is totally fine. I mean, who among us hasn’t done that?


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