The New York Times Hires an Apparent Racist for Their Editorial Board and That's Totally Fine

In the aftermath of the James Gunn affair, I’m going to have to cop to being a very bad person for writing this. Because this story is, like Gunn’s, about someone who was either too clever by half in their attempt at comedy or an abhorrent human being and was revealed as such by their own writing. I don’t think we should let it slide…new rules and all that…and I know that makes me very bad.


Yesterday, the New York Times announced that it was hiring a journalist named Sarah Jeong as a member of their editorial board.

What would it be like if we all deleted Facebook? What does the future of online privacy look like?Why can’t the tech industry diversify? Are monkeys allowed to sue over copyrights? And what in the world is #cockygate?

To answer questions like these, the editorial board will soon be turning to Sarah Jeong, who will join us in September as our lead writer on technology. Sarah will also collaborate with Susan Fowler Rigetti, our incoming tech op-ed editor, and Kara Swisher, our latest contributor on tech issues.

Sarah has guided readers through the digital world with verve and erudition, staying ahead of every turn on the vast beat that is the internet.

She arrives most recently from the Verge, where she’s a senior writer. She also authored the book, “The Internet of Garbage,” which examines the many forms of online harassment, free speech, and the challenges of moderating platforms and social media networks.

Born in South Korea, Sarah grew up in North Carolina and California. She’s both a journalist and a lawyer. As a student at Harvard Law School, she edited the Journal of Law & Gender and worked at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. She was a Poynter Fellow in Journalism at Yale for 2016 and was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for Media in 2017. She’s written for The Atlantic, Vice’s Motherboard, The Washington Post, and The New York Times Magazine.

Sarah lives in Portland, Ore., and will be writing for us from there. She’ll pay us a visit in the early fall, and we hope you’ll all join us in welcoming her then.


Ms. Jeong is apparently more than a journalist, she’s also a virulent racist.

And there’s more out there. In fact, she seems rather pathologically obsessed with white folks.

What will the NYT do? They fired a lesbian for making snarky remarks about, wait for it, lesbians on Twitter

(Here’s the article)

I suspect nothing is going to happen. It is hard to imagine the NYT firing an Asian woman for comments like this. In fact, they are probably shaking their heads with amazement that anyone thinks any of this is wrong. I mean if you can’t make fun of white people and basically brag about how you like making their lives difficult, why bother living, right?

More broadly speaking, in her tweets, you can understand the rise of the alt-right or white pride or white nationalism or whatever they are being called this week. How do you explain to your children that racial and religious prejudice and bigotry are wrong when those behaviors, when directed against whites and Christians, are celebrated in academia and feted on the editorial pages of the New York Times? And how can you expect them to take you seriously?



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