Jeff Sessions Speaks to High School Leadership Conference and Hilarity and Outrage Ensue

Screengrab via Twitter
Screengrab via Twitter

Attorney General Jeff Sessions emerged from an undisclosed location and spoke at the High School Leadership Summit for Turning Point USA. As he took his place at the lectern, some of the students started chanting that oldie but goodie from the 2016 campaign trail:


Some liberal outlets–though I’m sure Weekly Standard will not be far behind–have started claiming, like The Daily Beast, Attorney General Jeff Sessions Joins Rally Cries to ‘Lock Her Up’.

I don’t think that you can watch the video and conclude that Sessions joined in. To me, he looks sort of surprised, he says the phrase which should have been Donald Trump’s domestic policy priority and mentions the campaign. And he laughs…but who wouldn’t.


Bashing Clinton wasn’t the subject of the speech and fellow Townhall-er Guy Benson is speaking there later today.

This goes back to underscore the reluctance of a lot of us to cut any slack to the left on anything. As Kurt Schlichter says, these are the New Rules. This is the product of a dull, humorless, dour, totalitarian left that seeks to distort every statement they object to into a crime against humanity. The same people crapping their drawers over this have been accusing President Trump of treason for not being sufficiently worshipful of the intelligence agencies who work for him.

With a little bit of luck, President Trump will tweet about this tomorrow and announce he’s awarding Sessions the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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