The Saga of the Commie Lieutenant Comes to an End

Nearly a year ago, the story of Army Lieutenant Spenser Rapone was a big item. Rapone, a former enlisted Ranger who had completed the US Military Academy Prep School and graduated from West Point, was made famous by his own social media posts showing him regaling communism and wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt under his cadet uniform.




“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!” of course, was Che Guevara’s famous motto.

Wait, there is more:

(photo credit

And he has retweeted some great stuff:


And this nugget (11A is an infantry officer–career field 11–who is in initial entry training).

And he had some choice words for his chain of command:

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Now, apparently, he’s been discharged.

I think a lot of this is horsesh** designed to imbue Rapone with martyrdom cred. Rapone was commissioned in June 2016. He’s being released on the second anniversary of his commissioning. The most logical explanation is that his command refused to promote him to first lieutenant–which is due now–which results in an automatic separation from active duty. The odds of his discharge being characterized as “under other than honorable” conditions approaches zero. It simply isn’t worth the time or effort because it generates mandatory reviews and the opportunity for appeals and it has no real impact.


Regardless of how he left, his departure is a good thing. Still hanging out there is the fact that West Point cadre knew about this sh**bag and still allowed him to graduate and be commissioned.

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