That Picture Of Immigrant Kids In Cages? It Has a Surprising Backstory

One of the difficult problems that Trump’s Department of Homeland Security is what to do with children who are with parents that are apprehended trying to cross into the United States illegally. It is illegal to put the child into detention with the parent. So the options are a) release parent and child under the “catch and release” program or b) place the child in foster care until the parent’s case is resolved. Several stories over the last couple of weeks have included interviews where illegals said they had brought their children with them because they knew if they were caught they would be released into the United States.


The Trump administration has elected to take a zero tolerance policy on illegal crossings, that is, they are filing criminal charges against most illegals they apprehend, and so the care of the children has become a concern. It is a difficult policy but if we are going to allow everyone who comes to the US illegally with children to remain free in the US, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see what is going to happen.

A little earlier today, some prominent lefties began circulating these images from Arizona. This is a former Obama speechwriter:

This is civil rights icon Talcum X

This is a reporter from the Banana Network:

The editor-in-chief of NY Times Magazine:

The loathsome anti-Semitic, terror-sympathizing she-harpy:

The problem is that the image is dated June 2014. Before Trump’s policy took force. In fact, before Trump was even a candidate for president.

The apologies, if they came, were begrudging:


This is just another in a long series of examples that shows how the left, and their fellow travelers in the media, are simply unable to come to grips with actual problems. Everything is reduced to “does it hurt Trump?” And if the answer is “yes,” they are perfectly willing to front a totally fake story to accomplish their ends.

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