No Blue Wave Coming. A Booming Economy Has Washed Away the Democrat Generic Ballot Advantage

Though Obama’s fan club has been vociferously arguing that the current economic climate is just Trump continuing Obama’s policies (you know, like reducing regulation and giving a tax cut to tens of millions of Americans and pushing hard for foreign countries to buy American goods and services). There have been hints that this is a tough sell. In January, the Wall Street Journal found that most economists credited Trump with the good economic situation. By April, Newsweek was reporting that a plurality, 46%, of Democrats agreed that Trump was owed credit for the economy. Now CBS discovers the same thing.

The second part to that is that 64% rated the economy as somewhat good (46%) or very good (18%).

Assuming that Mueller doesn’t uncover that long sought-after Trump-Putin sex tape, this is critical for November. Trump isn’t on the ballot and if the economy is good it creates a more favorable environment for GOP candidates.

Inside the poll a generic ballot question:

This 43R-45D split tracks well with other polls that have shown the 16 point lead the Democrats held in February is now basically a tie.

Plus there is a booming (for now) economy.

All signs are looking up for the GOP…but, being the Stupid Party they can change that on any given day…and the Blue Wave that was forecast earlier in the year looks more unlikely each day.

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