Why Is the Left Lying About the Texas School Shooter Wearing Nazi Paraphernalia?

The crime scene tape hadn’t even been dropped at the scene of the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas when the left was trying to paint the shooter, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, as some kind of neo-Nazi. The reason for that was pretty simple. He was not old enough to have purchased a weapon, the weapons he used were a Glock revolver and an AR-15 shotgun. These are weapons that the gun-grabbers say they don’t want to ban.

So all that was left to them was his politics. Their first stop was his Facebook page.

As you can see, this guy’s political beliefs are as strongly formed as your typical 17-year-old. But, as you can see, this doesn’t stop the geniuses at BuzzFeed from just making stuff up.

Most egregious is a douchenozzle at The Daily Beast names Jason Miller. This is his contribution to lowering the collective IQ of the nation.

As an FYI, that badge the guy is wearing on his darling headband is not a Nazi symbol

There are two problems with this narrative. One is pretty obvious:

That is a red star with a hammer and sickle pinned to the lapel. That is not Nazi regalia. Even at The Daily Beast.

The second problem is that not only does Pagourtzis not mention anything Nazi in his own description of what the Iron Cross stands for bravery. The Iron Cross he has is a pre-1939 Iron Cross without the swastika in the center, so it isn’t Nazi paraphernalia.

There is nothing that indicates this guy had any politics or any politics that formed his desire to kill classmates. If any of his badges do hint at a political philosophy then the left has to claim him because he has an undeniable symbol of the Soviet Union on his lapel and he is part of the LBGT-whatever-whatever community as well.

This kind of a cheap and stupid shot is really all the left has. And it isn’t going to work out all that well for them in the long run.