Another Poll Indicates the Blue Wave May Be a Blue Ripple

Yesterday, I posted on the new generic ballot poll by CNN which shows the huge Democrat lead in January now down to a mere three points. It is part of other indicators that the Democrat wave in 2018 may not materialize. There is another poll out today, this one by Reuters/Ipsos, that confirms what the CNN poll showed.


The generic ballot:

And most folks are mostly satisfied with their member of Congress:

There are some other interesting points that bolster this. If you look at the right track/wrong track number, it is basically where it was when Obama won reelection.

In the years of two wave elections 2010 and 2014, the numbers were 60-30.8 and 62-27.5 respectively.

In regards to Trump, his approval rating seems to be baked in. Reuters has him at 44%.

But on approval by issue, he doesn’t look all that bad:

Taken together, all of this says barring some cataclysmic event or cosmic act of stupidity, 2018 is not going to be a wave elections. The GOP may lose some House seats, but not a majority. The GOP will add a handful of seats to their Senate majority.

Of course, this is still May…

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