BREAKING. President Trump Seems to Pull the Plug on Ronny Jackson's Nomination to VA

The nomination of Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson to head the Department of Veterans Affairs was never going to be an easy one. Not because he lacked credential or experience (take a look at the bios of the past 10-12 DVA secretaries and he fits well within the upper half) but because he gave Trump a BMI score that did not classify him as obese.


Since the nomination process has started, Jackson has been hit by allegations that seem to be of the #MeToo variety where, as we know, the standard of proof is the accusation itself.

Just a short while ago, President Trump seemed to signal that if Jackson wants to proceed with the process then he can’t rely upon the White House to run interference for him:


Too bad. Jackson has had a career dedicated to improving the health of members of the Armed Forces. His ability lead and motivate people is what got him to the top tier of his field in rank. His skill as a physician is what got him to the White House. It is really our loss.


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