The Comey Memos Get the Most Amazing Response From Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin at a staged photo shoot with models posing as brides, which was later presented to Russian and foreign media as Putin’s random encounter with a group of real brides who charmed him to take some “selfies” while encircled by bodyguards. Red Square in Moscow, September 2016 (Image: TASS)



One of my favorite political anecdotes involves LBJ. In the story, there is a popular sheriff running for reelection and his opponents are trying to find some way to attack him.

Finally one man suggests spreading “a rumor that he f***s pigs.” Another protests, “You know he doesn’t do that.” “I know,” says the first man, “but let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.”

We may have just reached our pig porking moment.

When the Comey memos were released yesterday, this vignette could be found in the memo dated February 8.

Did Putin tell Trump, circa 2013, that Russia has some of the most beautiful hookers in the world? My guess is, yes. This happened in the context of Trump sponsoring the 2013 Miss Universe contest. We are fairly certain that Trump’s bodyguard was offered hookers. It really isn’t hard to see this comment being made by Putin as sort of an hors-d’oeuvre, something to plant the thought, “hmmm…are they really the most beautiful hookers in the world?” And, as a Russian nationalist, there is no reason Putin would not be extolling the features and benefits of one of his nation’s main products.


But now the release of the Comey memos has caused the incredible spectacle of Vladimir Putin denying that he ever claimed Russia had the most beautiful hookers. Think about that for a moment.


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