Why Is AFP Helping Hamas to Create Propaganda?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Pallywood,” you should be. A play on “Bollywood,” “Pallywood” is the practice of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas creating B-roll footage of protest outcomes before the riot ever takes place. This B-roll is then provided to Western news outlets and appears on television in the U. S. and Europe as evidence of Israeli brutality.


And see how this image is marketed?

I don’t want to go into it here, but the famous shooting of a terrorist wannabe who was apparently shot in the back while running AWAY from Israeli positions carrying a tire…yes, a tire…is very suspect. Watch this to the end and form your own judgment:


This is not unique to “Pallywood.” Lebanese Hezbollah did some of the same stuff during the 2006 mini-war with Israel. The most infamous was the “green helmet guy” who showed up, over and over, carrying a kid’s corpse. (There was no shortage of genres.)

But in most cases, the media have been dupes, willing or not, of a terrorist propaganda organ. On Friday, though, it seems as though an AFP photographer named Said Khatib was actively involved in generating anti-Israel propaganda. This is the image that became famous via the Facebook page of the Palestinian Information Center:

We know this is true because Israeli snipers who were hellbent on shooting down an unarmed girl would never, ever kill three or four young men to get to her.

Then the website Israellycool.com traced the images to the photographer’s Facebook page. Note how calm and cool the guys look despite Israeli sniper bullets whipping by their ears:

Now you can see they are not only not alone, but the bystanders don’t seem all that concerned about danger…maybe this goes back to Israel snipers only shooting young women. I don’t know…


And, at last, the run ends. They are safe.

This falls directly into the category of the video of teenagers running with tires in one of the tweets above. It is staged with the intent of being passed off as an example of Israel


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