Thanks to the Omnibus the Taylor Force Act Escapes the Grasp of Patrick Leahy and Becomes Law

Taylor Force, 29, was killed by a Palestinian terrorist who went on a stabbing rampage in Jaffa on March 8, 2016. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)

On March 8, 2016, Taylor Force, a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and veteran of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, was visiting Israel as part of a MBA group from Vanderbilt University. A 22-year-old Palestinian terrorist douchebag attacked Force’s group with a knife. Force was killed. His wife and nine other were injured before security forces managed to kill the attackers.

By this guy killing several innocent people and then being killed himself, his family won a grim kind of dystopic Lotto that only a totally depraved society could conceive of.

About 13,000 Palestinian men and women are beneficiaries of the prisoner payments, which totaled about $160 million in 2017, or an average $12,307 per person. (The PA funds also include after-prison aid, such as unemployment assistance and educational scholarships.)

About 33,700 families (19,700 in the Palestinian territories) shared in about $183 million in martyr payments, or $5,430 per family. (Note: Payments for families in the Palestinian diaspora are about double the level for families inside.)

This pension system is funded by the United States government because money is fungible. It doesn’t matter if our dollars are earmarked for noble things, like bomb-making Montessori classes, our money allows money from other sources to allow this “pay-to-slay” system to function.

Lindsey Graham, Dan Coats, and Roy Blunt co-sponsored legislation, The Taylor Force Act, which would cut U. S. payments to the Palestinian Authority unless this grotesque bounty system was done away with. For reasons apparent only to Democrats, the bill could not get a vote in the Senate.

Until yesterday.

None of this is to say the Omnibus is a good thing. It isn’t. It is a totally corrupt and inept way of funding government operations. But neither is it an unalloyed evil because the Taylor Force Act is definitely a move in defense of civilization.