CNN's Alisyn Camerota Conducts a Slime Attack on Marco Rubio

Any doubts that CNN has become the official party organ of the DNC grows dimmer day by day.

On Thursday, Alisyn Camerota was sucking up to Florida Democrat Ted Deutch in a way that, in a gentler era, would have earned an R rating. After tossing one softball after another to Deutch, she threw this zinger at Marco Rubio (the video is cued up to the clip for your convenience)


I’m glad you clarified all of that because obviously it is confusing one of your colleagues in the Senate Marco Rubio, who of course represents Florida and was there with you at our CNN Town Hall, he introduced a bill yesterday. It was about daylight saving time. He wants to make it year round do you think that helps gun violence?

This is just partisan chickensh**. On March 7, Senator Rubio, cosponsored the bipartisan Stop School Violence Act. This is a bill Ted Deutch opposed. In fact, Rubio has been very active as this timeline from HotAir colleague, Allahpundit, demonstrates:

March 1: Rubio announces his intention on the Senate floor to introduce legislation to reduce school shootings
March 5: Rubio introduces the Stop School Violence Act
March 5: Rubio co-sponsors the NICS Denial Notification Act with Pat Toomey, Chris Coons, and Bill Nelson
March 5: Rubio calls on the Department of Education to tighten guidelines for reporting dangerous behavior at school to law enforcement
March 7: Rubio and Nelson introduce a bill to make “gun-violence prevention orders” available to law enforcement
March 7: Rubio co-sponsors a bill with 12 other senators to increase funding for school counselors, alarm systems, security cameras and crisis intervention training
March 13: Rubio, Nelson and several other senators hold a press conference to promote the Stop School Violence Act
March 14: Rubio testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee to promote his plans to reduce shootings



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