Mother and Daughter Have Gunfight With a Robber and They Have a Very Close Call (VIDEO)

I posted a bit earlier on the attempt by the gun-control Nazis to basically outlaw high-powered rifles of all types by objecting to the damage their bullets can do. That seems rather bizarre when you consider the primary purpose of a bullet…killing something. But stopping power is vital. If you have a pistol that doesn’t have stopping power all you really have is an inefficient hammer that makes loud popping noises.


This comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tina Ring and her daughter Ashley Lee were working in their Tulsa family-owned liquor store when they said a man armed with a shotgun entered.

When the gunman turned away, the women said they grabbed guns of their own and opened fire.

They said all they could think about was saving the other’s life.

“The next thing I know that I have my gun and I’m shooting him. And I get up and I shoot him again, and he just keeps coming back to me,” said Ring.

The alleged robber was shot in the leg but he didn’t give up.

He grabbed Ring, pistol whipped her and then tried to go after her daughter.

“Until you have a gun waving at you, you don’t know what you’re gonna be thinking. It happened so fast, but it seemed like it lasted for so long,” said Lee.

Lee was able to squeeze off another round at point-blank range, shooting the man.

The mother and daughter were finally able to run out of the store to safety.

The man is in critical condition.

This is the blow-by-blow:

0:02. Ashley Lee is at the register, the gunman, bottom center of screen, brandishes a shotgun. Ashley holds up her hands.


0:03-0:18. Gunman empties register.

0:19-0:28. Words are exchanged between Ashely and the gunman. The gunman exits frame to the right.

0:29-0:33. Ashley retrieves pistols from under the counter. Tina Ring enters frame from the right. Ashley gives her a gun. They duck behind the counter.

0:34. Gunman reenters frame and sees women behind the counter.

0:37. Tina Ring fires at point blank range. Can’t tell if it is a hit or not but the gunman suddenly wishes he was wearing brown trousers. The women duck.

0:39. Gunman runs from the frame to the right. Tina Ring sends a bullet after him.

0:42. Gunman is still close by out of frame to the right. Tina Ring repositions herself and shoots again.

0:56. Ashley Lee calls 911 (I’m assuming).

1:01. Gunman reenters frame from the right. Tina fires twice again obviously striking the gunman in the upper inner thigh. Gunman runs inside the store and hops around a bit.

1:14. Both women have the gunman covered. He walks by Tina Ring, making arm motions as if leaving, then turns on her.

1:17. Gunman begins beating Tina Ring.

1:18. Ashley Lee takes a ballsy shot with her mother in the line of fire and hits the gunman in the back/side.


1:22. Gunman releases Tina Ring, advances on Ashley Lee, and collapses against the counter.

1:27. Gunman gets to his feet, returns to Tina Ring, wrestles her gun from her grip and pistol whips her.

1:31. Ashley Lee comes around the counter and shoots at the gunman again.

1:33. Gunman leans over the counter with Tina Ring’s gun and points it.

1:38. Gunman comes around the counter and collapses. Both women exit stage right.

By the time he goes down, he’s sucked up at least four rounds. Mom’s gun looks to be a .38 (just a guess from the shape and the way she manages the recoil). The daughter has a little automatic that is probably a .25 or maybe a .380. With a little bit of bad luck, they could have both been dead.


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