While the Broward County Sheriff Berated Dana Loesch Last Night He Was Keeping This Terrible Secret From America

So. last night on CNN’s anti-gun propaganda theater one of the stars was Broward County Sheriff and Hillary Clinton booster Scott Israel.

Israel had started burnishing his gun-grabbing credentials on Wednesday even as word was leaking out that his department had an extensive history of contacts with the shooter.


On Wednesday evening, as the country picked through the wreckage of another mass shooting, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, flanked by a Republican governor with an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, made a pitch for gun control.

“I’ve said this time and time again,” Israel began. “While the people who are victims of mental health illnesses in this country are being treated, in the opinion of this sheriff, they should not be able to buy, surround themselves with, purchase or carry a handgun. Those two things don’t mix.”

As mild as the proposal sounded, coming from a top law enforcement figure in one of the country’s most gun-friendly states, the comments put Israel outside the norm. But this was not Israel’s first time in the national spotlight after random violence. Nor was it the first time the sheriff had ventured into the stormy waters of the national gun debate.

Dana Loesch took him to task over the 39 known visits and Israel acted like a smug, arrogant, blame-shifting little f***:



In fact, on Thursday night, Israel was talking smack about the NRA and gun owners in general and finding no fault at all in the way his department had managed the situation.

Earlier today, CNN revealed that on one of the 911 calls his guardian had made, she said that the shooter had held a gun on another person.

A short while ago, the other shoe dropped. As it turned out, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department had an ARMED school resource officer on site. And he did NOTHING.

The school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas did not enter the school during the shootings that left 17 people dead last week, said Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.

“Never went in,” said Israel about the actions of Deputy Scot Peterson. The sheriff said Peterson remained outside for at least four minutes during the six minutes Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the school.

Despite being armed, video showed Peterson taking up a position outside the west side of the freshman building where the shootings occurred and remained there during the incident.

Israel announced Thursday that Peterson resigned after being suspended without pay following an investigation.

“Devastated, sick to my stomach, there are no words.” Israel said to describe his feelings when he learned Peterson did not enter the building.

“These families lost their children, we lost coaches. I’ve been to the funerals. I’ve been to the homes where they’re sitting shiva. I’ve been to the vigils. It’s just, there are no words.”


Here is where it becomes interesting.

Peterson was placed on restricted administrative assignment and surrendered his BSO identification card and weapons on Feb. 22. He was also prohibited from entering any BSO facility.

Two other BSO resource officers, Edward Eason and Guntis Treijs, have been placed on administrative duties pending further investigation. Both officers were involved in 23 calls for service at Cruz’s home and may not have followed protocol.

That’s right. As he was crowing to the audience and television cameras about how he was looking after the students and slamming Dana Loesch for questioning police contacts with Nikolas Cruz, he KNEW that his armed officer on the scene refused to enter the building as Cruz was slaughtering students. He knew he’d already suspended two other officers for improperly handling their contacts with Cruz.

So let’s summarize this:


And because of that, my ability to own a firearm is the critical issue that has to be addressed?


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