Major Escalation As Israel Hammers Iranian Occupied Positions in Syria

Overnight, our time, Iranian forces launched a UAV, a drone, into Israel. The drone was intercepted and shot down.


Israel has been warning Iran for some time that placing its forces in close proximity to the Israel-Lebanon frontier was a lot less than helpful. And it is not the first time Israel has shot down an Iranian drone in its airspace. In April, an Israeli Patriot engaged an Iranian drone over the Golan Heights.

Israel launched attacks on targets in Syria.

The Syrians met the attack with massive anti-aircraft fire. One Israeli F-16 was hit but was able to make its way back to Israel before crashing.

Along with other things, the Israelis’s targeted Syrian air defense.


The takeaways from this is that the war between Israel and Iran and its proxies is going to heat up. Without Obama to run interference for Tehran, Israel will probably make Iran’s occupation of Lebanon much more interesting and costly. Going after anti-aircraft sites in a broad attack rather than playing whack-a-mole with the drone command and control facility indicates this will be a regular happening and breaking the air defense screen opens up much more real estate to airstrikes.

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