John Brennan: I Officially Deny This Thing Which No One Ever Claimed

John Brennan, former CIA director, leader of the #Resistance, and the man who famously had his integrity and sense of shame removed via colonoscopy, was in full-blown destroy Nunes mode when he appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.


He claimed Nunes acted recklessly and as a partisan and that he had “abused the office of chairman.”

Ooops. I don’t know what got into me there.

Then came this:

One of the classic techniques in lying is to deny vociferously something that you’re not accused of doing.

No one is claiming, at least so far as I know, that the Trump dossier played a role in the assessment the intelligence community, driven by Brennan, cobbled together that purported to show Russia interfered in the election to the benefit of Trump. (This, I will hasten to add, does not mean that it did not play a role and that Brennan is lying, it simply means that I’m not aware of anyone claiming that.)


What we do know for a fact is that the dossier played a critical role in the FBI launching what eventually mutated into the Mueller investigation. People can talk all they want to about this Papadopoulos and his drinking bout with an Australian diplomat, but it is clear from Comey’s public testimony that the dossier is what drove the train.

I’m not sure why Brennan’s statement on this means anything other than he’s trying to imply that the dossier was used by the intelligence community, to seed that thought, and simultaneously bat it down.

Brennan did not serve this nation well. He politicized the CIA. He has been at the center of numerous leaks He has made little secret of his desire to delegitimize the elected president.


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