Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Crap Over Devin Nunes

As I posted earlier today, Adam Schiff, hero of the never-Trump movement, sent out a bogus statement yesterday alleging that Committee Chairman Devin Nunes had made substantive changes in the memo on FISA abuses that was being reviewed by the White House prior to release. The statement is just nonsense and it relies upon credulous or dimwitted readers to take Schiff at his word when despite his lengthy record of lies and misdirection. The House Intelligence Committee quickly set the record straight detailing the minor editorial changes that were made in the document.


Now Nancy Pelosi seems to have lost her sh**, too. Not that that would be a new happening, just new on this subject.

This is all kabuki. Nunes was operating under the supervision of Paul Ryan. If you have any doubt about it, ask yourself why Ryan supported Nunes’ demand for FBI witnesses and documents and why the memo situation has gotten this far. Pelosi knows this. Her slobbering rant is directed at the cheap seats of the progressive base so she can show she’s fighting. She doesn’t care that she’s lying because without the lie she is friendless in the world.


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