President Trump Gives Odds on the House Intelligence Committee Memo Being Released

Last night, as President Trump was departing the Capitol after his State of the Union address, he was asked by South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan if he was going to release the memo that is currently under review at the White House. This, of course, it the memo that was developed by House Intelligence Committee staff (no it was not written by Devin Nunes) that purports to identify misuse of the so-called Trump dossier, the opposition research memo, paid for by the Clinton campaign that apparently led to a FISA surveillance warrant being issued on Carter Page.


Under House rules, the White House has five days in which to object to release of the memo. If the White House does nothing or approves the release, then the House will make the memo public. If the White House objects, the House meets as a whole and votes on what to do. As the White House said, this is a White House decision, it does not involve Justice or the FBI.

“Oh, yeah. Don’t worry. 100%.”

Officially, that decision hasn’t been made but, according to Washington Post reporting from last evening, John Kelly has told Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray that the president is leaning heavily in favor of release.


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