Trey Gowdy Sets the Record Straight on What Is at Stake With #ReleaseTheMemo

Trey Gowdy was on FoxNews Sunday and did a great job of setting Chris Wallace straight on exactly what is at stake with the #ReleaseTheMemo movement.

WALLACE: But let me — let me — let me pick up on this because the reports are, and you kind of indicated that in your answer, that the memo centers on this question of the FISA application, the Department of Justice FBI application in 2016 for a warrant to conduct electronic surveillance against this fellow, then Trump campaign manager Carter Page. Your complaint, according to reports, is that you say that when they made that application, they didn’t talk about the role of the Russia dossier and especially the fact that it was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign.


The Democrats, and, yes, Adam Schiff is leading a charge, say you’re cherry picking the information. One, that — that the FISA warrant on Carter Page is not as central as you’re making it. And, two, that there was a lot more in the application than just the dossier, that the FBI did not rely just on the dossier to get the warrant.

GOWDY: Well, I can’t even confirm for you that there is a FISA warrant and I can’t confirm for you who it’s on because that is classified and I’m not going to disseminate classified information. I will just ask you again, are you interested in whether or not the world’s premier law enforcement agency relied on a work product produced, paid for by the Democratic National Committee? Are you interested in whether or not all —

WALLACE: But — but — but I guess the question — the question I’m just asking is this, sir. And — and, yes, I can understand you’re not going to confirm it, but we’re talking about the FISA warrant of Carter Page. Did they rely just on the dossier or did they rely on a lot of other material?

GOWDY: Well, for me to answer the question is confirmation that there is one.

I will — let me ask you this, Chris. If they relied on it half, is that significant enough for the American people to know? If they’re relied on it at all, do you want to know that? If you’re the judge, do you want to know if a third of what you’re providing to the court was paid for by a political opponent?

So whether they — whether it was relied upon 80 percent or 20 percent, do you want to know that the Democratic National Committee paid for material that was never vetted, that was included in the court proceeding? Do you want to know whether or not the primary source in these court proceedings had a bias against one candidate? Do you want to know whether or not he said he’d do anything to keep that candidate from becoming elected president?


Apparently, there is a large number of people who really don’t want to know the answers to these questions. Adam Schiff and his cheerleaders, for instance, are doing everything they can to suppress this memo and ridicule it. If the memo answers the questions Gowdy poses, this means we have an FBI that is utterly and completely corrupt at the upper levels…and this would include the guy who is now teaching a course on “ethical leadership.” This means the upper reaches of the Justice Department was not merely political appointees, it was thoroughly politicized. And this means we have a special counsel who is acting as a government paid hitman for the Democrat party.


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