CNN's Hilary Rosen Shows She Might Just Be A Lot Dumber Than You Ever Imagined

Life can come at you pretty hard when you are a shameless hypocrite.

Yesterday, “Democrat strategist” and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen was slagging on President’ Donald Trump’s twitter account.


Hilary Rosen has been featured on the pages of RedState before. She’s the mouth-breathing twit that accused a Georgetown fan of Antisemitism because he wore a bacon costume to a game.

Back in 2012, she attacked Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom. Apparently, placing your children first in your life is something that a real woman should never do.

The fact is that when you have several million followers you really can’t police them unless you hire staff to do it. People follow you for all kinds of reasons. Some are your fans. Some hate you and are documenting everything you say. You can’t keep bots from following you and you can’t keep bots from retweeting you. Not only is it time consuming it doesn’t matter.


But there is a big difference between having bots follow you and this:

Over two years, the Democratic public relations consultant and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen bought more than a half-million fake followers from Devumi. Ms. Rosen previously spent more than a decade as head of the Recording Industry Association of America. In an interview, she described the purchases as β€œan experiment I did several years ago to see how it worked.” She made more than a dozen purchases of followers from 2015 to 2017, according to company records.

Yep. The same goof that found a bacon costume to be Antisemetic is criticizing Trump for having bots follow him voluntarily while she bought them.


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