Axios Posts a Racist and Sexist Job Announcement

I have to admit that is one of my four go-to sites for story ideas (other than Twitter, which absolutely kicks butt). But I’m not terribly surprised about this either:


Apparently, this is the event that caused it. Someone looked at the picture and thought it wasn’t “diverse” enough.

This ad is notable for a couple of things. First, it is illegal. Second, it is a manager saying I don’t really care if you have skills, what I really want is people with the correct melanin, genitalia, and sexual dysfunction or deviance.

And take a close look at that picture. Do you really think women or homosexuals are UNDER-represented?

Now, apparently, lawyers have got involved and Axios has taken down the ad. But they can’t get rid of the problem. Now any white male who answers the ad knows that he’s only being considered to the extent necessary to avoid a lawsuit. And they’ve gone a long way towards creating what would be called a “hostile work environment” for normal, white male employees because they’ve just been told there are too many of them.


Full disclosure: I don’t really object to companies being able to hire whoever the hell they wish and state it up front. It saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the company and job applicants. But that isn’t the law and if the law is to have any meaning whatsoever it must protect everyone, not just a chosen few. The fact that Axios feels so comfortable in advertising its racism and its sexism shows just how corrupting the drive to achieve “diversity,” whatever that is, has become.



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