Science You Can Use: Fat Women Can't Study Because Classroom Furniture Is Too Small

I suppose this clears up one of the mysteries of the ages. Via the scientific journal Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society and a fascinating study called “There’s always stomach on the table and then I gotta write!”: Physical space and learning in fat college women.


Dominant “obesity” discourse research shows a strong correlation between fatness and poor academic outcomes among fat female learners at the postsecondary level. Little attention has been paid, however, to understanding the experiences of fat female learners from their own perspective. Interviews with 13 undergraduate women suggest that fat college women students experience the interactions of their fat bodies with the physical learning environment negatively. Classroom design and furniture contribute to fat women learners experiencing themselves as judged, devalued bodies and incapable learners.

This is a peer-reviewed journal…and I’m not interested in finding out who the “peers” are here.

The is the author, so I think the research is credible

and no, that whole “black makes you look smaller” thing doesn’t really work.


So don’t ever say I don’t believe in science.


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