Stephen Miller Engages in an Epic Food Fight With CNN Host

President Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, was on CNN this morning to talk politics but to mostly talk about Michael Wolff’s tell-all book, Fire and Fury. If you wanted to learn anything, you were disappointed. If you like your WWE spin-off on Sunday morning and between guys in suits instead of leotards and speedos, well you loved it.


To call this a contentious interview would be to do disservice to the word. Miller refused to even accept the premise of most of the questions directed at him. And Tapper gave contention right back to him.

The entire thing is a Rashomon exercise where what you see will completely validate what you believe.

Did Stephen Miller take CNN’s coverage of the Trump White House to the woodshed? If you want that to be the answer, there is ample evidence that he did. OR did the CNN host humiliate Miller? There is plenty of evidence to support that contention. How about a little of both? Probably the closest to the mark.


I think Axios’s Jonathan Swan called this one exactly right yesterday.

And mission accomplished:

As Shoshana Weismann said:


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