Mike Pompeo Sets the Record Straight on 'Fire and Fury'

CIA Director Mike Pompeo was on Fox News Sunday to talk about fake stuff like North Korean nuclear weapons and demonstrations in Iran but was corralled by Chris Wallace into talking about stuff of real import like Michael Wolff’s book.


This is the whole clip, but if you want Pompeo’s remarks on the book, I’ve set it to open as he is addressing that subject.

Some highlights

POMPEO: These are from people who have just not yet accepted the fact that President Trump is the United States president. And I’m sorry for them in that.

I think Pompeo has this completely right. 99% of the political coverage by the media over the last year has essentially been Primal Scream Therapy for people who can’t believe Hillary Clinton lost the election.

He also talked about North Korean nuclear weapons but who cares. Really.


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