Devin Nunes Gets a Slam Dunk in His Fight With Fusion GPS

Image by JP via Flickr Creative Commons>

The House Intelligence Committee has been embroiled in a court fight with Fusion GPS over a subpoena the Intel Committee served on Fusion GPS’s bank demanding their bank records. The case had stalled when it was under the supervision of Obama appointee and Hillary Clinton donor, Tanya Chutkan. In early November, Chutkan was chucked off the case for reasons we don’t know and it was handed over to a very experienced trial judge, Richard Leon. Leon saw the case as a very straightforward one. Can the Intelligence Committee compel compliance with a lawful subpoena and last week he ruled accordingly.


Fusion GPS filed for an emergency stay of the order but before the stay was acted upon, the bank complied with the subpoena.

Why is Fusion GPS fighting so hard to resist the subpoena? Because the redacted records already released showed Fusion GPS paying money to journalists and to media organizations. We don’t know if these payments were for pushing the totally irrelevant Trump dossier but we can be very sure that we will soon know the names of the journalists and organizations involved.



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