ABC's Matthew Dowd Says Trump's Tax Plan Actually Kills People

Image by nrkbeta via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by nrkbeta via Flickr Creative Commons

One of the most annoying, stupid and dishonest people on Twitter is Matthew Dowd, Chief Political Analyst of ABC News–that would be the network that gave us Brian Ross. Dowd’s schtick is holding forth as an expert of a lot of subjects on which he is pig-ignorant. In fact, if one substituted the word “stupid” for “lazy” the opening scene from The Big Lebowski would be a perfect fit:


He’s sort of a Tom Friedman for people who aren’t very bright. For instance,

This makes him a perfect spokesman for the #Resistance.

Yesterday, an Amtrak train derailed near the town of DuPont, Washington. At least three people have died and over a hundred are injured. This was Dowd’s hot take.

Just one problem:

The derailment happened on a newly established Amtrak route aimed at adding more frequent, more reliable and faster service between Seattle and Portland, part of an $800 million project called the Cascades High-Speed Rail Capital Program.

I don’t know what Dowd would have us do. The problem was not lack of infrastructure spending, the problem, or so it seems 24-hours after the derailment, was the train traveling 80-mph on a curve rated for 30-mph. More to the point, Trump hasn’t even signed the new tax bill into law and the wreck occurred on a rail line constructed to further the goals of Obama’s high speed rail boondoggle.


If at any time you think conservative ideas and spokesmen are going to get a fair shake on ABC, just keep this in mind. Then take another slash of cheap whiskey so you can get rid of the DTs.


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