And the Winner of the WTH Woke Outrage of the Day Is...

It seems like every day there is a new potential outrage. And I have to confess being out of touch in regards to most of the outrages and microaggresions and power inequalities that abound in society. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I discovered that trying to kiss a girl after a date was sexual harassment or something really awful. But now I’ve run across something that really puzzles me.


Yesterday, the Georgetown Hoyas were playing the Syracuse Orange at the Verizon Center in DC. (Orange? Seriously? I understand the anti-Catholic bigotry implied in being called Orangemen but Orange?)

There was a guy in the stands wearing a bacon suit. And that was just too, too, too much for CNN’s Hilary Rosen:

You can see the vicious bigot at the bottom center of the image.

Then this:


Help me out here. Is Syracuse a Jewish university? Is their basketball team Jewish? (Looking at pictures of the team I think that is highly unlikely, but who knows?)

As it turns out, the guy wearing the suit is named Michael Bakan who is a junior at Georgetown. He wears the bacon suit because his last name is pronounced bacon.

Rosen eventually deleted the tweets leaving unexplained the anti-Semitic smear that she’d imagined happened.


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