Former Ethics Chief Teaches Us All a Valuable Lesson About the Federal Bureaucracy

Back in the transition process and early in the Trump administration I posted about the a guy names Walter Schaub who was head of the Office of Government Ethics. He first made headlines by using the OGE Twitter account to mock Donald Trump during the transition period. After that he basically declared war on the administration. He asserted, contrary to law, that presidential appointees have to have their paperwork stamped by OGE before they can be confirmed. He demanded the White House counsel report to him on actions taken by the White House. He criticized the administration in public speeches. (Links here.)


In short, Shaub stopped acting like an impartial arbiter of ethics requirements and started acting like a partisan shill for the #Resistance. For a very good reason. That’s what he was and is.

Funny that he wasn’t concerned about the “rule of law” if he was using the power of his piss-ant office to try to hamstring an incoming administration and using his perch as head of said piss-ant office to criticize an incoming president.

This is hilarious in the way that 99% of the #Resistance and most of the never Trump people are. He’s a fraud and poseur. Unless they make solar powered fork lifts, this guy isn’t going to any protest.

Shaub finally tearing off the mask of an impartial, non-partisan civil servant is a good thing. For too long, these folks have hidden behind the veneer of being just too high-minded to let their hands be tainted by politics. Most of us knew (anyone, in fact, who has worked in the federal government has always known this) this was a lie, but what was missing was the proof. Now we have it. Here and in what we’re discovering about the senior ranks of the FBI, conservatives and Republicans should be learning a lesson about what happens when you assume the federal bureaucracy is what it claims to be. While we ignored the civil service, the progressives were doing their “long march through the institutions.” They’ve salted federal agencies with hard core partisan activists who pretend to be neutral. Now that we know this, woe be unto us if we let it continue.



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