Joe Scarborough Lies About Orrin Hatch and Children's' Health Insurance

The program called Childrens’ Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has expired and Congress is debating its reauthorization. Like most safety net programs, CHIP does some good stuff but it is decidedly a mixed bag as far as outcomes. That said, we all know the program is going to be reauthorized because the GOP runs scared at the thought of being accused of killing women and children.


On Thursday, Orrin Hatch, the founder of CHIP, was engaged in a debate with Democrat Sherrod Brown.
This is what Mr. Mika Brzezinski tweeted.

There is an old saying in Biblical exegesis that “text without context is a pretext.” And you’ll note Scarborough doesn’t tweet a link to the actual video or to a transcript. All of this screams deliberate, partisan hit, not a mistake.

This clip is Watch the whole thing to see what Hatch is saying but I have it cued up to pull in the whole Hatch quote that Scarborough doesn’t provide.

Sure, Hatch said that, but when you read it in context it really doesn’t mean what Scarborough wants to portray it as meaning.


Indeed, a lie travels half-way around the world before the truth can get its trousers on.



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