Ted Cruz Slams the Steinle Verdict and Pushes for Passage of Kate's Law

Yesterday, a San Francisco jury defied common sense and acquitted Jose Zarate of any role in the shooting death of Kate Steinle. My front page colleagues have done a superb job of spelling out how it could happen. To me the missing part of the equation is why the jury, which considered lesser included charges down to involuntary manslaughter, failed to find any fault in Zarate’s actions? I guarantee you the same fact pattern in any other jurisdiction in the country would result in a prison sentence, and rightfully so. I have my suspicions as to why they acted in the way they did, but that is a story for another day.


President Trump wasn’t all that happy with the decision:

Trump caught a lot of flack but where we are required to respect jury decisions as a matter of law, and by respect I mean observe. We are never required to respect a jury decision as correct or even sane. Were that the case then we’d have to give the same respect to all-white juries who acquitted KKK murderers as is being demanded for the Zarate jury. That is nuts. But Trump was not alone:


Kate’s Law is a proposed law that increases penalties for multiple deportees, like Zarate.

It is only by upping the ante, both in the odds of getting apprehended and the price for being apprehended, for illegals that we are going to stop this kind of preventable murder.


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