Perhaps the Worst #HotTake on the Sexual Harassment Purge Hitting the Media

Wow. They are falling like ten-pins. The New York Time’s Glenn Thrush, MSNBC’s political director Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose of CBS, Matt Lauer of NBC, Michael Oreskes and David Sweeney who directed NPR’s newsgathering organization, and Jake Tapper’s senior producer are only a few who have been fired because of credible allegations of sexual harassment. And there more still to come. What does all of this mean? Well, #HotTakes abound on the subject but this is one of the most ill-conceived:


Interesting question.

We know from the leaked Podesta emails that Glenn Thrush and Charlie Rose collaborated with the Clinton campaign. Anyone who thinks the political coverage of MSNBC and NPR skewed towards Trump is an idiot. The biggest criticism of both Lauer and Halperin is that they were insufficiently deferential to Hillary Clinton and tried to make her answer questions. We can even toss newly unemployed raconteur Garrison Keillor into the mix because he shamelessly fluffed for Hillary Clinton. Plus, as far as I can discern, none of the guys fired had a fetish for fat, grandmotherly types.

I think RedState alum, Thomas Crown has the right answer:


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