The Judge Assigned to Hear the CFPB Counter-Coup Case Has the Left Going Bonkers

Image by Department of Agriculture via Flickr Creative Commons

As you know, Elizabeth Warren protege Richard Cordray attempted a putsch at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by abruptly resigning as director and appointing his chief of staff, Leandra English, to fill the empty deputy director position. This, theoretically, in an unconstitutional kind of way, blocked President Trump from appointing an acting director whom he’d been hinting for a couple of weeks would be OMB director Mick Mulvaney.

President Trump responded to the challenge by naming Mulvaney as acting director based on opinions issued both by the Department of Justice and by the general counsel for the CFPB. As a result, Mulvaney showed up for work this morning while English has been relegated to sending emails to staff who have been directed by Mulvaney to ignore the emails. English has filed for a temporary injunction as a private citizen contesting the move by Mulvaney to CFPB.

Now a judge has been assigned to the case: